I became a friend with a wild bird - White-rumped Shama

Sometimes, I can communicate with wild birds while watching birds.

I met the friendliest wild bird this morning.

I watched birds at the Diamond head in this morning.

When I was getting ready to go home, I found a baby White-rumped Shama on a road sign,

So, I took the pictures.

The bird was about 7 meters away from me. She didn’t run away even though she noticed me.

Unlike otherirds, she came very close to me.

I squatted down on the ground to adjust my eye level to her, and I took her picture again.

I was sure that she was curious about me. So I greeted her.

"Ohayo. Kon-nichi wa, Good morning.Hello .."

(When I talk to birds including my parakeets, I mix Japanese and English)

She responded "Puy" "Puy" to my word.

And then, she came very close to my feet, where I could reach her.

I couldn’t release the shutter because it is too close.

She was staring at me then my camera few times.

"This is a camera. I’m taking pictures of you"

Again, she responded to my word, " Puy " " Puy ".

It seemed that she responded to me at the same level as my parakeets at home.

Three guys who maintain lawn near me were watching me, and they were laughing.

Further, she came into a space between my feet and my hand holding my camera.

"What happened with you? Are you a lost baby? Where is your father, your mom?"

" Puy " " Puy "

I was talking with her about 3 minutes in that state.

Then, her father came and called his baby, which was standing about 7 meters away from us.

"Your father is worried about you. Go back to your father."

" Puy " " Puy "

It seemed that she was enjoying talking to me AND DIDN’T WANT TO go back to her father.

Two, four pedestrians were watching us, and they came to me.

I was feeling LIKE I was on exhibition (~ _ ~)

It seemed that she was also uncomfortable with the situation, and then she flew to her father.

From my experiences, babies of White-rumped Shama come closer to the camera often.

But, today was special.

A baby of White-rumped Shama came close to me, heard my voice and responded.

I was so happy (^ O ^) /

Since I'm talking to my parakeets at home usually, I'm used to talking to birds.

I wonder if it was one of the reasons that she came close to me so much.

I want to be a friend with more wild birds (* ^^ *)