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Harumi ( OharuArt )

​Harumi is a Japanese painter, photographer with a passion that began in her infancy. At the tender age of three, Harumi watched in awe as her mother sketched and painted. Under her mother’s nurturing guidance, Harumi was raised with a special sensitivity to beauty, which she sought in the abundant Japanese landscape that surrounded her.
Growing up, Harumi spent as much time in nature as possible. This allowed her creative spirit to flourish, and cultivated her passion for bird watching. It is nature, and the related concept of the interconnectedness of life, that continues to deeply inform her as an artist.
Following a hugely successful 20-year career in pharmaceuticals, Harumi returned to painting professionally. Even though following her parents’ footsteps into the pharmaceutical world was important to her, Harumi’s affinity for artmaking never waned during her demanding pharmaceutical career. In fact, she continued to create throughout her life as an important act of healing and self-preservation.
After traveling the world as an Executive, Harumi fell in love with Hawaii. She decided to enroll at the University of Hawaii, where she honed her artistic skills in watercolor, oil paint, design, and digital media. Thereafter, she was inspired to create OharuArt as the next chapter in her artistic career. Harumi now lives and works in Hawaii, where there is a whole new world of natural beauty for her to explore, with her dear husband and two beloved parakeets by her side.

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