Nene_Oil on Canvas 24x36in_2020
Black-necked Stilt_Oil on Canvas 24x36in
Chicken_Oil on Canvas 10x10in2piec
Java finch_Oil on Canvas Board 9x12in_20
Hawaiian coot_Oil on Canvas Board 9x12in
Warbling white-eye_Oil on Canvas Board 9
Parakeets_Acrylic on Canvas 16x10in
Ring necked parakeet _Acrylic on Canvas 16x10in
Sun conure_Acrylic on Paper 11x14in
Saffron finch_Acrylic on Paper 11x14in
Budgies_Water color on Paper 11x14in
Budgie_Water color on Paper 11x14in
Budgie_Acrylic on Paper 11x14in
Budgie_Acrylic on Paper 11x14in
Hawaiian stilt _Water color on Paper 11x14in
Black swan_Water color on Paper 11x14in
Pineapple_Acrylic on Canvas 16x10in
Papaya tree_Acrylic on Canvas 16x10in
Manoa Falls Trail_Oil on Canvas 16x20in
Wizard Stones in Waikiki_Oil on Canvas 11x14in
Sunset in Kahanamoku Beach_Oil on Canvas 16x20in
Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House_Oil on Canvas Board 16x12in
Leahi Park_Oil on Canvas Board 12x16in_2
Lanikai Hilltop House_Oil on Canvas Boar
La ie Point State Wayside_Oil on Canvas
Alawai_Oil on Canvas Board 16x12in_2020.
Makalei Beach Park_Oil on Canvas Board 1
Waimanalo Beach Park_Oil on Canvas Board
Air Balloon Festival in Waikiki_Acrylic on Paper 20x16in
Parade_Water color on Paper 14x11in
Kahe Point_Oil on Canvas Board 12x16in
Sandy Beach_Oil on Canvas Board 12x16in
Mango tree_Oil on Canvas
Apples_Oil on Gesso Paper 14x11in
Lemons_Oil on Gesso Paper 14x11in
Tomatoes Oil on Gesso Paper 14x11in
Pears_Oil on Gesso Paper 14x11in
Goldfish_Water color on Paper 9x12in
Red-billed leiothrix_Water color on Paper 16x12in
Green-cheek_Water color on Paper 14x11in
Green-cheek_Water color on Paper 14x11in
White tern_Mix media on Canvas 12x12
Hibiscus_Water color on Paper with organdie 24x18in
Pineapple_Oil on Gesso Paper 14x11in